W A L L B A R  –  N E W   W A Y   TO   S E E   M I N I B A R


WallBar works with a unique key card control. With it you can control WallBar like any other function in the room.

Key card inserted (customer in the room):
- WallBar lights up automatically.
- WallBar will change from full chilling mode into half chilling mode. Running noise will be reduced, while the products still remain chilled.

Key card removed (customer leaves the room):
- WallBar lights are put out.
- WallBar will change from half chilling mode into full chilling mode. Merchandise will be chilled quickly and efficiently while the customer is out.

WallBar can be switched off and into full chilling or half chilling mode using front panel buttons. The light can also be switched off with panel buttons. Key card system is energy friendly and an easy way to control WallBar. Key card system is a perfect solution especially for new hotel buildings.

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